1. Connecting Your Blog

You can see your connected websites/blogs here: app.wordspace.ai/sites

When adding a new blog, a popup will ask you for some basic information including Wordpress Username and Wordpress App Password. You can either use your Wordpress admin user or create a new user in your blog. However the new user role needs to be either Editor or Admin to have all permissions needed for publishing.

Your Wordpress App Password is not a regular password. You need to edit the user and create an app password this will look something like Greh 6JeR Hk23 ETi2 PjeH AT2R

Step 1. Go to your Wordpress Blog and generate the App Password.

Step 2. Add your blog to Wordspace

Go to app.wordspace.ai/sites and click the "Add Site" button.

Fill out the opening popup.

You should now see your site show up in a table with the status Connected.

Most common Error reasons:

  • You entered your actual password and not the application password. Please look at step 1 again.

  • The user that you've created does not have the role of Editor or Admin. Therefore he doesn't have all required permissions.

  • You provided your WordPress Username but used the Application Password for the new user you created.

  • There is a spelling mistake in any of the fields e.g. wrong domain name.

If you've checked for the most common errors, but are still getting an error. Please reach out, we'll be able to help you get setup.

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